Infinite Depth is a Rotterdam (NL) based record label, which focusses on melodic techno. The label is established with a lot of dedication in September 2018. From the beginning the sound has been all about dark atmospheres, overwhelming melodies and underlaying grooves. With its releases Infinite Depth is trying to reach every corner within this spectrum. This makes the label a broad and hopefully inventive platform.
One of the key points is discovering new talents and combining these talents with the more well-known artists in the scene. This is a constant search for non-obvious combinations of artists and their music. Besides the right music, the label wants to bring the full picture of a release. This includes 3D orientated artworks, which are distinctive and fitting to the tracks. Through the time these outstanding artworks became characteristic for the label.
Apart from releasing music, Infinite Depth also organizes events under the same name. These events are bringing the sound of the label to the dancefloor and connecting the label to their fans. Also, it’s an opportunity for some of the newer artists to get a stage. The key point of combining talents with bigger names in the scene gets also preserved in the line-ups of these events.

Beneath you can find an overview of the releases and events Infinite Depth has done so far.

Interview by Electronic Groove

We caught up with Jonan Kouwenhoven, the label owner, to talk about the process of running his brand and the latest VA ‘The Second Milestone’.

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